Falling for Next Seasons Trends

Most of us have a difficult time saying goodbye to summer, including our maxi dresses and high waisted shorts, but La Lune is here to make your fall fashion transition the smoothest one yet! In our first blog post of this season we have put together a few essential pieces for your new wardrobe that will have you kicking those denim shorts to the curb. Not to mention, we are going to show you a few behind the scenes photo’s of La Lune’s Fall Photo Shoot.

I am sure by now you have strolled through your local mall or flipped through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine to discover 70’s inspired Silhouettes are back in a more appealing look. Don’t be scared to show off these flared sleeves and pants we have to offer for many of us might be shy to try these bold new trends. It’s time to embrace a look of the past because you might discover the flattering detail and design in each one of these pieces.

Below are a few styles we have put together that you might want to work into your new fall wardrobe. To help us explain these looks that are currently trending we picked out a few sneak peeks of La Lune’s Fall Collection.

Layer It Up
Who doesn’t love wearing sleeveless pieces? As the weather starts to get cooler it is time to start introducing sleeves back into your wardrobe. You can do this by adding a simple, lightweight Chiffon cardigan over your favorite summer pieces.

Warm Knits
Let’s be real, we’ve all missed sweater weather. This is the one thing I can say the more oversized, the better. For a glamorous look, try pairing your favorite sweater dress this season with a pair of ankle booties. 

Flare & Don’t Care
 If we have learned anything from the 70’s, it’s that the flare will always be in style. From flared sleeves to bottoms this look can work for you by throwing on a pair of flats for a casual look, or your favorite laced up ankle boots for a night on the town.


Clothing & Accessories: Boutique La Lune

Photography: Quianna Marie Events & Photography

Hair and Makeup: Jessica Rothstein, Alexis Hanna (A Smooth Start)

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you have a great week full of Fall inspiration! This coming Friday, October 9th we will have all the styles above on the site, and much more we can't wait to show you what La Lune has in store.

-XOXO Team La Lune