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Introduction to series:

Even those who might not call themselves a "fashionista" are influenced by fashion in their everyday life. Whether you dress to impress, dress for comfort, dress for practicality or dress for a creative outlet, our everyday actives dictate our fashion choices. This series will highlight a day-in-the life of women from many different backgrounds. We will follow them throughout their day to learn about their goals, what inspires them and what influences their everyday style.

La Lune of the Month - Jessica Claude

Many of us have a favorite hairstylist that we just can't live without. I'm talking about the type of hairstylist that gives you an adverse effect to the idea of anyone else touching your hair. Even when you've waited too long to make your next appointment, you are willing to sit with your dark roots until your stylist has an opening, because they are the best of the best. Today we are hanging out with Jessica Claude, who is the best of the best when it comes to hair styling and coloring.


Not only is Jessica our go-to for fabulous hair, she is also a trend setter when it comes to fashion. She describes her style as boho-pretty-glam and casual. Her day-to-day in the salon does influence her fashion choices. When picking her OOTD, she bases it off the types of appointments on her schedule for the day. If the day is booked with color appointments, she will likely grab darker pieces. If the day will mostly be haircuts, she likes to incorporate more color in her outfit. You can find Jessica at Salon Rache in Campbell, beautifying her client's hair 5 days a week.


Here is a glimpse into Jessica’s daily routine, go-to products and staple pieces currently in her closet.



After taking care of the usual morning suspects (hitting snooze a few times, checking social media, showering, etc.) Jessica will throw on a casual top like this cute graphic tee that says “Life Begins After Coffee.” Um, yes. Then she makes her way down the street to pick up her favorite triple, iced espresso with light soy from Starbucks so she is well caffeinated for her day booked full of appointments.




Once the caffeine has kicked in, it’s time to get ready for the day. Jessica’s holy-grail hairstyling products at the moment are:

  • Redken Forceful 23 - hairspray whether it’s down or up

  • Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1  - for adding volume and texture

  • Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo - for dirty hair days


Normally Jessica sets out her OOTD the night before, which I think we can agree is life goals for most of us. This is even more likely to happen when she’s recently gone shopping and excited to wear the new additions to her wardrobe.



When the schedule is full of color appointments, she tends to reach for darker colors in case any color gets on her clothes throughout the day.  Her favorite piece at the moment is the RD Styles Mock Neck Shift Dress (pictured above) from Boutique La Lune because it’s comfortable yet chic at the same time. It’s easy to move around in and if color happens to get on it, no one will ever know!


For those hair-cut-only appointment days, Jessica will incorporate lighter and more colorful pieces like this Olive You Midi Dress paired with some cute sandals. If it’s a colder day, she will likely wear some leggings, booties and this Falling For You Long Sleeve Knit.




After two hours or so of working with the first few clients, she will try to fit in a snack while a client’s hair is processing. Snack time is either a green salad from Le Boulanger or a Creamy Peanut Butter thinkThin Bar. She will also take a few minutes to catch up on texts and browse Pinterest for hair and style inspiration.


One of Jessica’s favorite things about her job is working with color. “It’s like creating your own art and mixing your own formula,” she said. “Color is very personalized, and I love how it can transform a person’s look.”




Yes, you read that right. It’s around 8PM when Jessica is finally finished with her last client of the day. Even after such a long day, she will make sure to clean up and order any product refills needed for her station. “At home I’m a mess, but for some reason I’m very organized at work,” she said.




Now home for the day, she likes to transition into relaxation mode by taking a shower and using her favorite Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo. TIP: For blonde hair, use purple shampoo. Jessica said, “It saves my hair and the blonde lasts much longer.


At this point, it’s time for “straight up sweats,” she said. Her favorite sweats are from the Victoria’s Secret PINK line paired with a soft, cozy top like this adorbs Champagne Please Tee.


The dinner menu usually involves some sort of lean protein, like chicken, with some rice and veggies. She says, “After a long day, I treat myself to Pink Berry. I always get the chocolate hazelnut with mochi.



To end the day, Jessica will snuggle up with her kitty cat, Hercules, and catch up on the DVR. The shows currently on rotation are the Housewives (whichever season is currently running), Criminal Minds and Friends.


Current staples in night-time routine:

  • Crest 3D White Stain Shield 5 Minute Touch-Up WhiteStrips

  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towlettes

  • DermaQuest Daily Essential Wash

  • Dior Capture Totale Intensive Night Restorative Crème


10:30PM - Time for bed!


In the comments below, let us know what pieces you are currently loving and how you decide what to wear for the day! How does your career influence your style?



Written by: Jennifer Hadley

Stylist: De Arlin Garcia

Clothing & Accessories: Boutique La Lune

Photography: Quianna Marie

Hair and Makeup: Jessica Rothstein